“The Special One” can’t seem to stay out of trouble wherever he manages. Although on the field he has been a success so far for Real Madrid, he can’t seem to keep his ego in check, and was sent off in his side’s 5-1 victory in the Spanish club on Wednesday. He insulted the referee badly enough to be told to leave the dugout in the first half, the Spanish Football Federation have added to his troubles by making this a two-game ban.

Furthermore, he has had a spat with Espanyol coach Mauricio Pochettino, who is not happy with Morinho’s constant determination to have his opinions on everything stated loud and clear on TV and in the newspapers. The Madrid coach is finding his Spanish colleagues perhaps a little bit harder to deal with than the managers in Serie A, but it’s clear that he is not a popular figure with many. The fans of the clubs he manages love him, and he is a very entertaining figure for the neutrals, but he steps on a lot of toes.

He largely allows himself to be so daring because of his success. Somehow, it would look a lot worse if he didn’t have two Champions League medals to his name. With them, he can call himself titles such as “The Special One”, and he can afford to get banned for games at a time when he decides not to keep his temper in check. He’s not exactly the perfect example for future managers to try and emanate, but as he has shown clearly, he doesn’t care much for things like that.


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