While the proposed Serie A strike at the beginning of this season was canceled, Italy’s clubs and the player’s association (AIC) are still at each other’s throats. If a new contract between the two is not reached by November 30th, the players are promising they really will make good on their threats and protest a weekend’s fixture of games.

As a reminder, one of the main issues of this whole standstill is the AIC’s demand to block a cause proposed by the clubs, where a player will be forced to accept a transfer to another club of equal status when he has less than a year on his contract remaining. The AIC see this as an unforgivable breach of their rights, as apparently even one avenue which would allow the club some power over the employees it pays for would be too much. The players feel that they are being treated as “slaves”, though most people with an averages income can appreciate just how insanely ridiculous such a comment really is.

I do believe the clubs will meet their demands, however, as the reality is the players do hold a lot of power. It would be a momentous occasion if they did not back down, and maybe spark a change in the levels of power in football, but with the threat of boycotting and canceling the games, they probably won’t take it that far. Still, we’ll find out the end results soon enough.


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