As a Rovers fan, I knew that this was a long time coming, as rumors of a takeover had started as early as August, but now the deal has officially been announced. Indian company Venkys are the new owners of Blackburn Rovers, and are promising to bring the club forward into a new era.

So is this good or bad news? It is exciting times for sure, but only time will tell how good they will be for the club. They most certainly do not have the resources to compete with the top Premiership owners, and have only promised 5 million in transfers for January – which is still 5 million more than Rovers would normally expect. Their major selling point is that they are the first Indian company to have a Premiership club, which would hopefully generate a lot if interest in India, and help the club spread its popularity around Asia. Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and United have all used this tactic, and it has indeed brought them some good fortune. The Indian market in particular is growing fast, and if Rovers manage to capture the interest of the public, big positive changes can indeed be on their way.

There has been some debate amongst the fans over the ethics of this company, however. They are involved in the poultry business, which has often been the #1 target of animal-rights groups. There are many things that can be said about this issue, but again, only time will tell who is right and who is wrong.

The good thing is that they are a family-run business who are said to be extremely respectful of the ethics previous club owner and hero Jack Walker championed, and will honor his memory. This is what everyone involved at the club wants to hear, but it us up to Venkys to be true to their word.


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