Tensions in Scotland have reached boiling point after the Dougie McDonald scandal, who admitted to lying about his decision to over-turn a penalty decision in the game between Dundee United and Celtic. Such an admittance was bound to create a lot of controversy for all referees in the league, and since then they have faced constant criticism from the managers and the media.

They have decided to fight back, however, and by all accounts it seems like next weekends fixture of games will not go ahead, because there will be no referees to officiate the games. The protests from the refs is that they can not do their jobs under so much pressure, and have shown that they do indeed still hold a lot of power in football. Like many professional, they are a necessary element for an institution to keep functioning, and everything grinds to a standstill when they refuse to do their jobs.

They have the full right to refuse working, but hopefully the talks that will ensue will yield positive results that will improve the refereeing standards in Scotland, and maybe have an effect on other leagues in Europe. Surely new ideas must be introduced that will help officials make better decisions, which in tern will soften the criticism against them. The worst that can happen is a standstill, where no changes are made, but the referees are simply pleaded into continuing their jobs. Unfortunately, that is also the more likely outcome, but nothing is known for sure yet.


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