Perhaps you are wondering if the title means Ajax striker Luis Suarez will be starring in the next Hollywood vampire flick, but no. He openly bit an opponent during a match between his club Ajax and PSV in the Dutch league.

You can see the incident clearly in the video, where after a heated exchange between their teammates, in which an Ajax player was shown the red card, Suarez leans in and takes a quick bite into midfielder Otman Bakkal’s shoulder. The latter was just surprised as everyone else from the incident, but does not get too worked up. He shows the referee the bite marks, but apparently the ref did not have time to deal with this incident. Or maybe he did not know how to – is biting a red card offense in football? Or even a foul? In any case, it’s weird.

The commentaries compare the incident to the famous Tyson-Holyfield boxing example, but in fact, this is not the first time a footballer has bitten an opponent. English striker Jermain Defoe did the same to Argentina midfielder Javier Mascherano back in 2006. One can’t imagine why this is the way some of these players chose to let their frustrations be shown, but I suppose it’s better than punching or elbowing someone in the face.

The incident in the Dutch game was pretty much the highlight of the match, which ended in a 0-0 draw.


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  1. haruna seidu on November 27th, 2010 5:17 am

    he is never a hero, we Ghanaians believe you cannot fuck with us and go Scot free, he deny us from getting into the semi-finals of the world cup.
    he need to apologize to all Ghanaians if he doubts it, he should ask Ballotelli who refuse to play for ghana and his football life has never been the same, problems all the time, Coach MILLO the ghanaian coach at the just ended world cup left the country after signing contract with us. he is now the useless coach in Saudi Arabia, he recently wanted to come back to ghana but hey he has mess up his chances alrealdy. these are only few examples. SUAREZ IS NEVER A HERO.

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