You sometimes see managers getting quite frustrated during matches, sometimes they kick a water bottle or curse at the air (or the referee), but what CFR Cluj coach Sorin Cartu did in their 1-0 loss away to Basel was quite remarkable. He lost his cool and kicked the side of the perspex glass shelter, shattering a hole through the dugout. His anger was matched by his team’s inability to rescue their chances of qualifying from the group stages, and they are now rooted at the bottom of the group.

After seeing the damage done by their coach, Cluj were quick to fire him and apologize “sincerely to UEFA, Basel, the fans, and everyone involved in football”. I don’t think anyone would have thought badly of the club as a whole, but the Romanians seemed very quick to separate their image from the uncontrollable Cartu, who had only been at charge of the club since September.

An overreaction from both sides? Possibly. Smashing up the home team’s dugout certainly isn’t becoming of any professional, let alone one that is supposed to represent the club. But getting fired simply for that? One thinks there must have been other incidents or circumstances that played a factor in this decision, and maybe this was simply the last straw. Cluj have had a mixed season in the Romanian league, and after winning the double last time around, maybe the president’s patience was wearing thin in terms of results too.


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