Something tells me the Dutch Football Federation aren’t big fans of vampire movies. This is based on the news that they have decided to ban Ajax striker Luis Suarez for no less than seven league games, putting him out of action until February 4th.

As a reminder, Suarez bit an opponent, Otman Bakkal, in a match vs. PSV last week. Or at least he appeared to try, giving him a quick nip on the neck. As bizarre as that accident was, he didn’t cause Bakkal any real injury, and the game went on without him getting sanctioned. Upon further review, however, the Dutch FA have come down hard on the Uruguayan, and have given him a punishment that is more than double-long for a direct red card. It’s an even longer punishment than if he had elbowed someone in the face, or accidentally broken someone’s foot. I guess the message they are trying to send is to keep the weird stuff off the field.

Suarez has apologized, and claimed that Bakkal had consistently been stepping on his shoes during the match, which caused his retaliation. Still no word on why he chose to bite him – maybe he thought that a shove or a punch would be viewed as more serious? If so, the choice has backfired greatly.

One bonus for Suarez is that he has two months off to watch all the vampire movies he can get his hands on.


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