“The Special One” can’t seem to stay out of trouble wherever he manages. Although on the field he has been a success so far for Real Madrid, he can’t seem to keep his ego in check, and was sent off in his side’s 5-1 victory in the Spanish club on Wednesday. He insulted the referee [...]

Football referees often come under heavy scrutiny for their decisions, but one thing you can always be certain is that they’ll keep firm on their decisions and very rarely apologize. But outright lying about their decisions? Scottish referee Dougie McDonald may be the first. Following the Celtic-Dundee United match ,in which Celtic won 2-1, McDonald [...]

Arguably Manchester City’s most important player, Carlos Tevez, is said to be visting a psychiatrist to help him battle homesickness. This is nothing new, as Tevez has repeatedly expressed how much he misses his home in Argentina, but there have been different reports regarding how bad his condition is. Some went as far as to [...]

I am not quite sure if there has ever been a more intense race to host the World Cup than the current 2018 bid, but England and Russia are at each others throats like never before. After a string of unpleasant remarks, England decided to shake hands with the Russians, but now they are facing [...]

Sometimes you have to wonder weather some players are just cursed by the footballing Gods, and that’s that. Owen Hargreaves had been missing from the Manchester United line-up since September, after battling a long-term knee injury, and today in their match vs. Wolves he finally returned. His comeback had been in the news for a [...]

One of the most legendary names in football management, Sir Alex Ferguson, has compared the World Cup to “going to the dentist”, and has claimed that the Champions League is the must stronger competition with much more exciting matches. Easy to say some would say, as his Manchester United are in the CL every season, [...]

Tensions are still running high after Manchester United’s controversial 2-0 victory over Tottenham on Saturday, where Nani scored the second goal after using his hand. It was an incident the referee missed, and Redknapp described the goal as a “farce”. The FA, who do not allow strong words against their referees, are set to punish [...]

It’s not really a surprise since they won the World Cup, but Spain have no less than seven first team members nominated for world player of the year by the new Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball), which is now not only for European players, but for everyone. The full list consists of: Xabi Alonso (Spain), Daniel [...]

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