In a match that will live long in memory, Barcelona destroyed Real Madrid 5-0 in arguably football’s greatest derby, El Classico. It was also the biggest defeat in Jose Mourinho’s career, one which shuttered the aura of invisibility Real had been building around them this season, and made Barcelona the kings of Spain again.

Those hoping that this will shut up the Special One will be disappointed, however. Mourinho as admitted the better team won on Monday, but has said that he is not ‘embarrassed” by the result, and that Real certainly have not lost the title yet. Like him or not, he is right on both accounts. Barcelona were so good on that day, that not even Real should feel that badly for losing against such a flawless team. And at the same time, historic win or not, it only puts Barca two points ahead of Real at the top of La Liga, and we have more than half a season to go.

It’s important not to forget that Real will also have a chance to redeem themselves in their own stadium in the spring, where revenge will be the first thing on the minds of every fan and every player in Madrid. Not to mention that the way both teams are playing in the Champions League, they may very well have to face up against one another in that competition too. Barcelona may have won the battle, but the war is still on.


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