As a Rovers fan, I knew that this was a long time coming, as rumors of a takeover had started as early as August, but now the deal has officially been announced. Indian company Venkys are the new owners of Blackburn Rovers, and are promising to bring the club forward into a new era. So […]

Here’s a statistics table that will truly befuddle Danny Murphy: Arsenal, the side most-often associated with “beautiful, free-flowing football” are currently at the very bottom of the disciplinary league in the Premiership, with 4 red cards and 25 yellow ones. Only two places above them are West Brom, another side hailed for their football by […]

Arguably Manchester City’s most important player, Carlos Tevez, is said to be visting a psychiatrist to help him battle homesickness. This is nothing new, as Tevez has repeatedly expressed how much he misses his home in Argentina, but there have been different reports regarding how bad his condition is. Some went as far as to […]

Sometimes you have to wonder weather some players are just cursed by the footballing Gods, and that’s that. Owen Hargreaves had been missing from the Manchester United line-up since September, after battling a long-term knee injury, and today in their match vs. Wolves he finally returned. His comeback had been in the news for a […]

Tensions are still running high after Manchester United’s controversial 2-0 victory over Tottenham on Saturday, where Nani scored the second goal after using his hand. It was an incident the referee missed, and Redknapp described the goal as a “farce”. The FA, who do not allow strong words against their referees, are set to punish […]

In a rather direct follow-up to the Rooney story, the reason for the striker’s U-turn on his decision to stay at United most certainly looks to have been the news that United have been given £100 million (yes, British pounds) to spend over the next year. This is the most money Sir Alex has ever […]

The headlines this past week were filled with rumors and statements from Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson regarding the England’s striker future at Manchester United, but at the end of the day he signed a new five-year deal and will stay at the club. Before that he had shocked all of Old Trafford by […]

Liverpool FC have been saved today (Wendsday) by the High Court of England, who allowed the sale of the club to go through despite the wishes of their (former) owners George Gillett and Tom Hicks. This means they will now get the money to repay the money they owe to the Royal Bank of Scotland, […]

After witnessing his teammate and Fulham star player Bobby Zamora break his leg due to a challenge in a game vs. Wolves, captain Danny Murphy has blasted a number of Premiership managers, saying their tactics are leading to players making reckless challenges and injuring so many others. In particular, he attacked the “Blackburns, Stokes and […]

This bit of news comes from outside the football field, but it may directly impact the face of the Premiership. Karen Murphy, a TV-pub owner from Portsmouth is going to the European Court of Justice to protest a ban Sky Sports have placed on showing any matches in England outside its hefty subscriptions package. Ms. […]

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