A dark day for soccer today as Espanyol’s captain Daniel Jarque suffered a heart attack and died in the dressing room after a pre-season training session in Italy. The sad news come 2 years after Sevilla defender Antonio Puerta died of heart failure during a game. It is not known what lead to Daniel’s heart [...]

A smiling Zlatan Ibrahimovic made his debut at Camp Nou after passing his physical exam and signing a 5-year contract with Spanish club Barcelona. The Sweden striker’s move completed a huge player swap between Barcelona and Inter Milan which resulted in Samuel Eto’o moving to Italy and Ibrahimovic moving to Spain. The striker promised 50,000 [...]

It looks like Eto’o finally got what he wanted, a huge transfer from Barcelona to Inter Milan. Media reports that the striker is heading to Italy for a physical on Monday. After he passes the test which no doubt he will, Eto’o will most likely sign a 5-year contract with the Italian team receiving 10.5 [...]

Yes, yes, yes, Ronaldo is here! This is what 80,000 Real Madrid fans chanted at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium last night when Cristiano Ronaldo was presented to them after passing the medical examination with flying colors and signing his new contract. To remind you, Ronaldo became the most expensive soccer player transfer in the history [...]

Kaka never sleeps. Just a few days ago, he was in South Africa celebrating Brazil’s win at the Confederations Cup and today he is in Madrid for routine tests and the official presentation like a Hollywood star at Bernabeu in front of 50,000 delirious Real Madrid fans. Kaka will be wearing the number 8 on [...]

Manchester United published the biggest news of the summer this morning when they announced on their official website that the team has accepted Real Madrid’s $100 million dollar offer for Cristiano Ronaldo and has released the player to negotiate the terms of his new contract with the Spanish club. The much rumored transfer for the [...]

News from yesterday are that the Brazilian Kaka has transferred from AC Milan to Real Madrid a move that essentially kick started the rebuilding of the Madrid club as it tries to once more become competitive against rival Barcelona. The price Madrid paid has not been disclosed but most media reports that Kaka cost 90 [...]

I am rather certain that by now you have heard of how Barcelona crashed Real Madrid at Bernabeu last weekend with the very emphatic 6-2 score. Days after playing in a scoreless draw against Chelsea at home for the Champions League, Barcelona sent a message to the English by crushing their Spanish rivals at the [...]

Can anyone stop Barcelona this year? Sure, they had a slow start but boy are they making up for it recently? Barcelona crashed Deportivo La Coruna 5-0 on Saturday to take a huge lead in the standings over rival Real Madrid; in fact, they are 15 points ahead with a game on hand. The emphatic [...]

In his second year with Barcelona, Thierry Henry is still having a rough time with the city. Last year he was heavily scrutinized because he was expected to be the final piece in a championship team. Unfortunately for Barca, things turned out far from great and the players, especially Henry took the fault. On top [...]

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