While the proposed Serie A strike at the beginning of this season was canceled, Italy’s clubs and the player’s association (AIC) are still at each other’s throats. If a new contract between the two is not reached by November 30th, the players are promising they really will make good on their threats and protest a […]

watch?v=HaE4d3nAL0g&feature=player_embedded Some fans of AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic may not know that his skills extend beyond the football field into martial arts, but the Swedish starman has a black belt in taekwondo. He has been working on this accomplishment for years, and is well-renown amongst him teammates as the man not to mess with. […]

In a move rarely undertaken in modern football, Serie A side Sampodria look set to terminate the contract of one of their star players, Antonio Cassano, thus forsaking the money they could have gotten for him by selling him in January. So grave is the situation between the club and the player, that it now […]

As we saw in the past week how much power modern footballers have, it’s nice to see them using it in a positive way every once in a while. Rising Argentinean superstar Javier Pastore , who plays for Serie A side Palermo, has rejected interest from the top European clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester […]

With the way modern football is today, it’s always nice to read such stories. Reports say that AC Milan forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has given a trial at the Italian giants to the son of a builder working on his house in Sweden, after the 16 year-old kid impressed him in a kick-about. Erik Kristjansson is […]

I’m sure everyone remembers the great Serie A scandal of 2006, where a number of teams were sanctioned for corrupting matches, and Juventus were stripped from their titles in 2005 and 2006, and sent to Serie B. The latter title was awarded to the 2nd placed team, Inter Milan, as they were one of the […]

watch?v=OvY1UyThqb4&feature=related The phrase “they brought them to tears” is often used in soccer within the context of one team scoring a late goal or something, but for Roma goalkeeper Julio Sergio, the tears were quite literal – and painful. After going in for a challenge near the end of his side’s 2-1 loss to Brescia, […]

One of Italy’s brightest goalkeeping prospects, Federico Marchetti, is going to have to pay the price for disloyalty by being frozen out on the bench until January for his club, Cagliari. The reasons for this are his comments in which he stated to the media that he definitely wanted to leave the club, with Arsenal […]

There are loyal people in football, and then there is Pavel Nedved. The former Czech Republic player became a legend at Juventus after he spent eight years at the club, stuck with them when they got demoted to Serie B, and helped them get back into the top flight. He retired a year and a […]

Looks like Serie A has more controversy heading its way, as the player’s union has decided to strike on the September 25-26 weekend of matches, meaning that the players won’t show up to play for their clubs. The reason for this? They are incensed that the clubs that pay them their salaries and make them […]

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