FIFA president Sepp Blatter is at it again. After a number of the group matches at the 2010 World Cup proved rather dull affairs with both teams looking for the draws, he has hinted that upcoming changes might remove such a possibility. Draws might be scrapped all together, and instead teams that are level at […]

Some pretty crazy news stories have emerged from North Korea stating that the players who performed at this summer’s world cup were all subject to public batterings, where they were accused of “betraying” and “humiliating” their country with their 3 straight defeats. Their coach took the biggest punishment, however, and was made to work for […]

The race to host the two World Cups following the next one in Brazil has began, and FIFA officials will now start visiting a number of the candidate countries to take a look at their sports facilities. This is perhaps the most important stage of the process, as it gives the judges a direct insight […]

As the investigation to find out what really caused France’s grave problems at the World Cup continues, the most capped player in their history, Lilian Thuram, has come out claiming that the revolt underlines the racism still existing in society. He resigned as board member of the football federation after the scandal, but has continued […]

The World Cup Golden Ball, which is awarded to the best player of the competition, has gone to Diego Forlan. FIFA had submitted 10 nominees, but by all accounts the favorites to win it were 3 – Forlan himself, Wesley Sneijder and Bastian Schweinsteiger. Sneijder and Schweinsteiger have done very well in this World Cup, […]

watch?v=KXrQ_GoMMt4&feature=player_embedded#! Spain’s hero at the World Cup final, captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas, sure knows how to celebrate. He saved two clear-cut chances by Robben during the game, burst into tears as his team won in extra-time 1-0, became the first Spaniard to officially lift the golden trophy, and then went over for a short […]

Those of you who think this World Cup has had many refereeing mistakes and has been a let-down in this department may have to think again. According to a panel of FIFA analysts, referees at this World Cup got no less than 96% of the decisions right. The study took a look at video replays […]

The octopus Paul has made his World Cup Final prediction and chosen Spain to win the trophy, and I have to say I agree with him. He has been right about everything so far in this tournament, and after Spain’s convincing win over Germany, I think they are definitely favorites for this match. The Dutch […]

watch?v=kFvrAdyFUJ8&feature=player_embedded The Germans have surprised everyone with their results at the world cup, and their animals seem to trying to match that achievement too. One aquatic sea-creature that has been getting more and more attention is Paul the octopus, who lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. No, its skills do not lie […]

Following Nigeria’s unfortunate, yet deserved elimination at the group stages of the World Cup, their nation’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, has suspended the national team from competing at international tournaments for two years. This move was done not simply out of anger, but as an attempt to reorganize and restructure the team for when the 2014 […]

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