People keep saying soccer in America is just about to blow up, it will rise in popularity, the time is coming etc. etc. – but if one is to look at the facts, it is still a long way off from displacing or even equaling other top American sports, such as baseball, American football, or […]

David Beckham was not well received upon his return to MLS as LA Galaxy hardcore fans booed him nonstop during his first appearance back after a 5-month trek in Europe on behalf of AC Milan. Beckham played his first came back in a friendly match against the Italian team but Galaxy fans greeted him with […]

David Beckham’s return to the MLS after what was supposed to be a brief stint at Serie A is turning into a Greek tragedy as the player wants to stay in Europe and LA Galaxy wants him back to the USA in March. I should remind you that David has been in Italy since December […]

After what I would say was a very disappointing first season in MLS, David Beckham has made the trip back to Europe to train with English club Arsenal during the MLS off-season. Apparently, England’s superstar wants to make sure that he is fit for his next appearance with the national team and maybe impress Fabio […]

David Beckham scores his first MLS goal for his LA Galaxy team against DC United. In true Beckham form, his first goal comes from a set play a few yards outside the penalty box. He hits a perfect shot to the top left corner leaving the DC United goalkeeper stunned. Enjoy his first goal in […]

Beckham hasn’t quite completed his transition from European to American soccer but he sure realized the obviousness of the truth. Major League Soccer sucks! To be fair, this is far more obvious when comparing MLS to the higher quality competition of European leagues. According to an article on Times Online, Barely a month after lifting […]